The COYCH team

The COYCH operates with a permanent staff team, 3 state patentees, a secretary and an accounting secretary.

Régis Bérenguier, Director

After having held numerous associative positions (club president and other positions of responsibility, president of departmental committee, member of the steering committee of the League, vice-president of class, …), Régis has been director of COYCH since 2005. In particular, the management of the COYCH team during the Tour de France sailing with 3 victories, management of the organization of numerous international championships including the world’s Star, SB20, Melges 24, Mumm and Laser Master, Europeans, Europa cup and French Championships.

Patented state, he still competes in Star and Laser, He also exercises the function of judge.

Régis has more particularly in charge within the COYCH:

  • Administrative, financial and sporting directorates
  • Personnel management
  • Relations with local authorities: City of Hyères, Toulon Provence Méditerranée, Var Department, Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur region
  • Relations with the press
  • The management of the organization of the regattas of the COYCH and in particular the international regattas
  • Permanent-elected relationships.



Sophie Barrue, secretary

Since 1997, Sophie has been in charge of the club’s administrative organization and day-to-day operations.
With two of her children among the best French lasers and her former husband of the team of France Laser (and always regatta), she knows perfectly how the practice of sailing in France as sporting and administrative.

Sophie has in particular in charge within the club:

  • Daily administrative and financial management.
  • The administrative and “land” management of the COYCH regattas
  • Establishment, management and development of sailing schools (winter and summer)
  • Welcoming members and licensees
  • The day-to-day communication of COYCH (website, social networks, internet) in collaboration with the Club’s webmaster.


Cédric Boeri, sports educator, coach

After a brilliant sports career in Laser (the French number one in Radial in 2009 and still practicing), Cédric joined the COYCH team in 2011 immediately after obtaining his BPJEPS, to take charge of the competition team Optimist then Laser.

In summer, he is in charge of the sailing school of the COYCH from the nautical base, he is strongly involved in the organization of the regattas by preparing their nautical setting and being often wet of the courses.

In particular, Cédric is in charge of COYCH:

  • Laser competition training and training
  • The nautical management of schools of sails and sports
  • Manage the maintenance of nautical and rolling stock



Baptiste Alonso, sports educator, coach

Holder of the BPJEPS, Baptiste is in charge of the competition team Optimist and Leisure Catamarans. Since 2016, he manages the “Point Plage / Espace Voile” of the Ayguade. Baptiste also organizes the Cruise courses organized with “Hexavoiles Diapason”. Associated with Cédric, he is the second in daily life.